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2738 Pictures from Genoa and "Valle Scrivia"

The Scrivia Valley
Scrivia Valley is located between Ligurian Sea (near Genoa) and Pianura Padana, in the North of Italy. It's a valley full of rural landscapes and wonderful woods.

Here you can find many different kind of images, that represent the municpipalities of Busalla, Casella, Crocefieschi, Montoggio, Ronco Scrivia, Savignone, Valbrevenna, Vobbia.

Photos are taken from 2001 to 2004 with an Olympus camedia 3000 (a few with Panasonic Videocamera), and since spring 2005 with Canon EOS300D . The need of web-friendly photos bring to a huge reduction of image quality to allow a faster download.
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Many ancient catles are present in valle Scrivia, such as Fieschi Castle in Savignone, the Castle of Montoggio, the Stone Castle, the Castle of Borgo Fornari...
Foto Crocefieschi&Vobbia - Panorami - M. Castello from the top of M. Reo Passo
Foto Altro - Altro - Alicudi:Escursione a San Bartolo e Castello
Foto Savignone - Paesi - Fieschi Castle
Mountains in Valle Scrivia are tall as 1200m... not so much, but from their top you may have a wonderful sight over the valley.
Fotografie Savignone - Boschi - Woods near Montemaggio
Fotografie Genova - Panorami - Webcam from rifugio on M.  Beigua over Genoa
Fotografie ValBrevenna - Panorami - Dawn from M. Antola
With fall and the coming of low temperatures, fog starts to appear, creating wonderful postcard landscapes:
Fotografie Montoggio - Panorami - Fog wrapping Cascinette
Fotografie Crocefieschi&Vobbia - Boschi - Intrico di nebbia e neve, verso M. Schigonzo
Fotografie Savignone - Panorami - M. cervino and M. Rosa over the plains
In spring and summer, leas are full of colored flowers. Beside flowers in "flower" seciton, here you can find pictures of many butterflies.
Fotografie Crocefieschi&Vobbia - Fiori&Fauna - Zygaena filipendulae butterfly
Fotografie Crocefieschi&Vobbia - Fiori&Fauna - Farfalla polyommatus hispanus
Fotografie Crocefieschi&Vobbia - Fiori&Fauna - Polyommatus Icarus butterfly
At the end of the day, from the top of the mountains, you can often behold wonderful sunsets:
Foto Savignone - Boschi - A sunset brush stroke
Foto Genova - Panorami - Sunset in Genoa Bay
Foto Genova - Panorami - Genoa: harbor at sunset
Fiumi e laghi
Beside Scrivia river, many streams furrow the valley, creating many lakes:
Foto Altro - Panorami - Valgrisenche: heading for San Grato lake, between  Gran Becca du Mont  and M. Rutor
Foto Montoggio - Panorami - Scrivia river through Casalino
Foto Montoggio - Panorami - Brugneto lake, near Torriglia
Neve e gelo
The winter in Valle Scrivia is not really cold, but snow and ice are often present:
Foto Crocefieschi&Vobbia - Boschi - Rime
Foto ValBrevenna - Paesi - Winter in Valbrevenna
Foto Savignone - Paesi - November snow on the roofs
The top of Scrivia Valley is mostly made up of small hamlets and villages
Fotografie Crocefieschi&Vobbia - Paesi - Chapel near Crebaia
Fotografie ValBrevenna - Paesi - The Chapel of Gorra
Fotografie Savignone - Boschi - San bartolomeo church under the snow

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